John Bozeman

John M. Bozeman and Thomas Cover left Bozeman April 17, on horseback, a packhorse carrying bedding and provisions, for Fort C. F. Smith, to see about an order for flour, for the Cover and McAdow Mill in Bozeman.

They spent the night at the Story and McKenzie Ranch where Livingston is located. While camped on Mission Creek for lunch the next day, with their horses picketed, four Blackfeet Indians, supposed to be friendly, visited the camp, shot and killed John M. Bozeman, slightly injured Tom Cover, and stole the horses and most of the supplies. Cover wrapped Bozeman in a blanket, walked to the Story and McKenzie Ranch, got a horse and rode to Bozeman, reporting his companion’s death.

John Alderson, D. E. Rouse, and John Baptiste left to bring the body back, but found the roads so bad they buried John Bozeman’s body where he was killed, and three years later, the body was brought to Bozeman, a coffin was made by W. J. Beall and A. D. McPherson, and burial was made in the local cemetery, a monument being erected later by Nelson Story.

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