First Flour Mill

The first flour mill in Gallatin County, and said to be the first in the territory to make flour for commercial purposes, was built by Cover and McAdow, in the fall of 1864 and the spring of 1865, on ground a short distance northeast of the present city limits of Bozeman. It was ready for …

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Cemeteries and Monuments of Gallatin County Montana

Our monuments have been erected in Gallatin County, impressive ceremonies marking their dedication or unveiling. On August 8, 1914, a monument unveiled in Bozeman was erected. “In commemoration of the organization of the Territory of Montana, May 26, 1864, and of the admission of the territory to the union of states, November 6, 1889. Erected …

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Early Day Banks

The First National Bank of Bozeman opened for business in August 1872, was the first bank established in Bozeman or in Gallatin County. The officers were: President, L. M. Black; cashier, George W. Fox; additional directors, C. J. Lyster and John P. Bruce. The bank suspended in 1878. The Bozeman National Bank opened in 1882, …

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Early Montana Trails

The Bridger Trail Jim Bridger, the old mountaineer who led his first party over the divide in the early sixties, and traversed the same route many times afterward, was said to be the most famous frontiersman to act in the role of trailblazer into what is now Montana. The Bridger Trail left the main transcontinental …

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Blackfeet Indians

The Gallatin Valley has never been the permanent abode of any tribe of Indians, so far as historical records show, but it has been claimed by the Blackfeet, and has been crossed by hunting and fighting parties of the Blackfeet, Crow, Bannock, Nez Perce, Flathead and Snake on their way to the hunting grounds of …

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Yellowstone Expedition

The Yellowstone Expedition down the Yellowstone in 1874 is identified in a way with the history of Gallatin County, as it was started from Bozeman, the prime object being to open up the Wolf Creek country, where the men supposed there were rich placer mines as represented by a man named J. L. Vernon, a …

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Variety of Products

While the Gallatin Valley is beautiful, and was called by the late Theodore Roosevelt, “a fair dimple in the cheek of nature,” when he visited here a number of years ago, the valley is recognized as one of the most productive in the state. In early days, wheat and oats with several kinds of vegetables …

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