Montana Genealogy

Gallatin County Organized

Phillip Thorpe, A. F. Nichols and D. H. Ketchum were appointed by Governor Edgerton as County Commissioners of Gallatin County. The county was organized by these men at the Nichols’ ranch near Gallatin City on March 11, 1865. W. M. Wright was appointed clerk. The commissioners were sworn in by Thomas Dunbar, probate judge, and …

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Gallatin City, Montana

Gallatin City, located near the three forks of the Missouri River, a town not now in existence, was the first county seat of Gallatin County, being so named by the legislative assembly when the county was created. An act authorizing the people of the county to vote at the general election in 1867 to locate …

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First White Visitors

The first white man known to have explored this region is Sieur de la Varendry, who made his way up the Missouri River during the years 1730 to 1744, and reached the Rocky Mountains in January 1743. He did not remain, and did not contribute any valuable historical information about the country. The journals of …

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First Wheat Growers

One of the first pioneers to raise wheat in the Gallatin Valley was the late John Thomas, stepfather of Henry Davis, now living in Bozeman. He had a bushel of wheat, which he brought with him from Utah, planted it in the spring of 1864 on land about 12 miles north of Bozeman, and in …

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First Schools

The first school in Gallatin County was taught by Samuel Anderson, in the winter of 1865 and ’66, in the back room of a log store in Bozeman, the store built and owned by Squire Fitz, being on ground where the Fechter building was erected a few years ago. The second school was taught by …

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First Flour Mill

The first flour mill in Gallatin County, and said to be the first in the territory to make flour for commercial purposes, was built by Cover and McAdow, in the fall of 1864 and the spring of 1865, on ground a short distance northeast of the present city limits of Bozeman. It was ready for …

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